ASP - C# - MSSQL - Website

A new mobile first web site for Stone Plus LLC. Built using Visual Studio in C#, ASP and MSSQL database. N-Tier architecture was used for database objects. The database holds all product information, image paths and are categorized by product type (flagstone, building stone, pavers, etc.).

For managing the site, I created a Windows desktop app (CMS) that integrates with the same N-Tier system and allows managing all of the product data, page text, image uploads, pdf file uploads and has the ability to handle pricing information, although the company is not currently using that feature.

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Warehouse Management System

Tools used: PHP, MySQL, jQuery/Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, html, SSL.

On dedicated Linux (CentOS) Server.

I developed a warehouse management system (WMS) for Oak Canyon Stone Co. that allowed the yard personnel to enter pallet data and 2 pictures to the system under specific stone categories. Data included category (based on type of stone, state of origin, and thickness), color mixes, pallet shipping size, weight, SKU (auto-generated) and fields for descriptions and uses (such as patios, driveways, etc.). It was originally designed to work on a 7 inch Windows handheld computer, but later transformed into a desktop app.


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WordPress Web Site

Tools used: WordPress, MySQL, CSS, html, SSL.

On dedicated Linux (CentOS) Server.

WordPress site for Oak Canyon Stone Co ( ). Main layout was done by a designer. I modified a lot of the pages, especially the products page and added a graphical category list on the home page. Adjusted CSS, as necessary.

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Desktop Publishing - Typesetting

Tools: Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe InDesign, MS Publisher, MS Excel

Various publications I created, including catalogs, price lists, line cards, flyers, brochures, etc.

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