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Every business comes to point where doing all of its day-to-day tasks can no longer be handled in-house. I help alleviate some of the workload by offering assistance remotely. Contact me with your specific needs and we can discuss whether it can be done remotely. Typical remote tasks would be desktop publishing, data entry, accounting/bookkeeping, email campaigns, technical manuals, electronic documents and much more. View the tabs below for a comprehensive list of services available.

I can also assist you managing your existing CRM such as SalesForce, HubSpot, or others. I can respond to customer questions if you provide me with product/service details necessary to respond correctly. I personally use HubSpot for my CRM, currently.

Typesetting & Pre-press*
  • Books/Booklets/Pamphlets (optional A.P.A. Format)
  • Technical Manuals
  • Employee Manuals
  • How-To Books
  • Form creation
  • Color Catalogs/Brochures (electronic [pdf] or press-ready)
  • Tradeshow Marketing Materials (data sheets, price sheets, etc.)
  • Store Handouts/Flyers (various sizes/formats)
  • Sheet Music (can transcribe from handwritten papers and in some cases, from audio files)
Other DTP*
  • Proofreading, spell checking, formatting existing documents/web sites
  • Reports, charts, graphs
  • Arrange printing and shipment (3rd-parties)
  • Arrange Electronic Publishing
  • Convert Hand Drawings to Digital
  • Scan Documents to Images or PDF Files for Electronic Storage
  • Photo Editing, Background Removal/Replacment
  • Labels (ink-jet) [laser coming]

* Services needing special software may require up-front payments to procure the necessary software and/or licenses. There may be other advance charges for acquiring supplies and/or equipment necessary to fulfill the contract, such as paper, ink, special printers, 3rd-party vendor deposits (e.g. for printing costs of proofs or other services), file folders, etc.

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