Material Calculator

I am currently preparing to launch my Material Calculator version 2 as an Android app. It will be available in the Google Play Store, soon. It is a landscape material calculator, mainly, but can be used for other things.

Basic features:

  • Calculates cubic yards and equivalents in 1/2 cubic ft. bags, 5-gallon buckets, 1, 2 and 3 cubic foot bags for mulch, dirt/fill, decorative stone.
  • Calculates tonnage needed for building patios and stone walls.
  • Customize paver/tile specifications based on how they are purchased from vendors. Each paver brand name may have different pallet quantities such as sq.ft. per pallet, sq.ft. per layer. Some may only sell full pallets, some sell by layer or by piece. The default paver specs are based on the Tremron brand (used by permission).

At some point in the near future, it will be available for IOS, also.